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Category: Dinners

Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Cook authentic BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches on a basic backcountry stove.  Our recipe for Pulled...

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Simple Solar Oven Recipes

Solar is a fantastic cooking option for big flavors and healthy ingredients.  Looking for a...

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Tailgating on a Budget

Attending festivals and sporting events can become expensive quickly.  Tickets, travel, lodging,...

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Bourbon Buffalo Stew

Bourbon Buffalo Stew is a hearty one pot meal made to feed a big group – without a big pot!...

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Outdoor Enchiladas

Bring a fiesta into the backcountry with this easy to make recipe for Enchiladas Verde!  The...

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Outdoor Holiday Dinner

Get outside this holiday season and enjoy a Thanksgiving backpacking dinner.  Our one pot holiday...

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Backpacking Group Dinner

Cooking for a group in the backcountry is challenging, which is why we came up with Turmeric...

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Bug Free BBQ

Keep bugs away from the BBQ Did you know that lemongrass contains citronella, which is a natural...

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Healthy Vegetarian Couscous

Trail Maven’s CEO and Chief Maven, Sasha Cox, knows what goes into making a great meal in...

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