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Garden to Glass Cocktails

Garden to Glass Cocktails

Forage for your next cocktail with Garden to Glass mobile mixology service based out of Lake Tahoe.  Garden to Glass Mixology takes the farm to table movement one step further by teaching you how to sustainably forage natural ingredients and infuse them into signature cocktails.

What is Garden to Glass?

The green or “garden to glass” drink movement can be attributed to the influx of chef-driven farm-to-table restaurants and these establishments wanting their bar program to reflect those same interests.

Green cocktails are generally healthier than traditional cocktails. Fresh organic herbs, fruits, and vegetables are adding health benefits and nutrients, while sugar, preservatives, and artificial colors are being reduced.

Garden to Glass Mixology took the green cocktail movement one step further by introducing locally foraged ingredients into their beverages.  Foraging utilizes many abundantly available natural resources to reduce our impact on the environment.

Cocktail foraging

Adventure foraging is learning how to identify edible plants and extract their essence for cocktails.  If you find yourself in the Lake Tahoe area, take a mixology class or hire Garden to Glass event catering for parties and weddings.

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