PopUp Dinner

PopUp Dinner

Immerse yourself in the wilderness for a culinary experience unlike anything else.  Treat yourself to and outdoor dinner in a pristine wilderness setting.  Learn how to cook nutritious, backcountry inspired meals on portable stoves using pack friendly ingredients.  Everything tastes better outside, so join us and eat civilized, miles from civilization!

What is PopUp Dining

PopUps are a growing trend in dining where the host prepares a meal at a temporary location for guests.  We decided to take this concept into the backcountry, so we created PopUp dinners that are hosted in beautiful locations in the great outdoors.  We pack in all supplies and stoves, and you follow our suggested routes to arrive at our GPS pinned dinner location.  Not only are you treated to a coursed meal, but we also provide backcountry cooking instructions as we prepare your food.  You learn to make everything you eat so you can replicate this meal on your next adventure.  We want you to to get the most out of this experience, so we encourage questions, participation and social sharing!

Cooking outdoors

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August 6th 2017: Lake Tahoe, NV

Hike, boat or paddle to this pristine location and be treated to a Mexican themed meal made using backcountry inspired ingredients.Backcountry PopUp Dinner cooking event



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