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Category: Beverages

Backcountry Bartender Hacks

Do you schlep a bag of wine in your pack?  How about a flask filled with your favorite spirit?  Or...

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Backcountry Sangria

A sangria is an alcoholic beverage with combinations of wine, fruit, citrus and spices.  This...

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Sour Patch Sour Cocktail

THE SOUR COCKTAIL A “sour” is a combination of spirit, citrus and sugar.  This recipe is the...

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Hot Toddy Cold Remedy

Hot Toddys are cold fighting powerhouses!  This soothing outdoor elixir is a natural cold remedy...

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Backcountry Cold Brew Coffee

Have you ever complained about not getting good coffee in the backcountry?  You’re not...

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Camping Bloody Mary Recipe

How to make a Bloody Mary The Bloody Mary is a tomato based cocktail that is the perfect excuse...

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Spiked Hot Chocolate

Did you know that vodka is a backcountry multi-tool?!  The best way to save pack weight in the...

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