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Seeking writers and content creators

If there’s one thing we love even more than making recipes, it’s hearing about yours! Contribute your favorite outdoor-inspired recipes or wilderness cooking tip and share your adventures with our audience.

Guest post guidelines

  • Post length should be between 700-1,200 words – only submit original content with good quality images.
  • It is recommended that you format your post so it is easy to read – clear headings and/or subheadings, bullet points, and short paragraphs – focus on a keyword and build your content around a unifying theme.
  • Our audience consists of outdoor-minded individuals between ages 21-54 with beginning to expert level experience in camping, trail sports, snow sports, water sports, travel, festivals, tailgating.
  • Please include a brief author bio about yourself, one link to your website and/or top social media profile and a small headshot/profile picture.
  • Product plugs and website hyperlinks are permitted, but please keep it within reason.
  • Not all submitted posts will be published, only the ones that are the best fit for Adventure Dining Guide.  If your post has been accepted you will hear back from us within one week.

Content guidelines

By submitting a guest post, you agree to the following terms:

  • This post is original work, not published anywhere else on the internet.
  • You, the guest writer, are the copyright holder of all content and images you submit to Adventure Dining Guide.
  • Guest writers will receive writing credit as author of their post at the beginning of the post, and at the end through a short author bio including one link to the author’s website or top social media account.
  • While guests posts will acknowledge guest authorship, the content will become property of Adventure Dining Guide.
  • You understand that Adventure Dining Guide reserves the right to edit your post and images to ensure the blog stays congruous with as a whole.

To submit a guest post, email either a Word or Google document to [email protected] with “Guest Recipe” in the subject line. Or paste your post into the appropriate boxes below, and don’t forget to upload your images. Happy trails!

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