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Category: Snacks

Ziplock Pickled Vegetables

Packing fresh ingredients on long trips can be difficult since most fruits and vegetables spoil...

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Top 5 Ultralight Snacks

Do you carry snacks in your wallet? Why not!?! If your wallet travels everywhere with you,...

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5 Healthy Hiking Snacks

Did you know that hiking with a pack works every major muscle group in your body?  In addition...

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Top 5 Boat Snacks

Ahoy! When it comes to packing for a day on the water, do you ever find yourself perplexed about...

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Homemade Energy Gel

What is energy gel Goos and gels are portable gelatinous substances created to fuel athletes on...

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Trail Bar Recipes

Have you ever considered transforming a trail bar into to a meal?  Eating trail bars for days upon...

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