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Trail Bar Recipes

Have you ever considered transforming a trail bar into to a meal?  Eating trail bars for days upon end can get boring, so we invented 3 exciting recipes to elevate your bar with popular backcountry ingredients.

What is a trail bar

A trail bar is a supplemental bar for those who need a quick meal but only have time for a snack. People who spend time in the outdoors or have busy lifestyles can appreciate the importance of an easy to consume energizing snack.  Astronaut food was one of the early forms of energy bars packaged and sold to a mass market, however it wasn’t until 1986 when Powerbar introduced the first commercial energy bar for athletes.  Since the 80’s many, many variations of trail bars have evolved to create an ever expanding category of “snacks for athletes”.

Easy adventure snacks

Take your favorite trail bar and make it the star of your next backcountry meal.  Pair common trail foods such as cheese and salami, peanut butter, and dried fruit with Lara, Clif, and Powerbars.  Below are three fun varieties that we came up for an elevated trail experience.

Easy to make

For this particular recipe, there are several bars that seem to work better than others.  The most ideal are bars that are not brittle, dry, gooey or melty.  Based on quality of ingredients and bendability we used Tahoe Trail Bars to make Sliders, Stuffed Dried Fruit and Biscotti:

Trail Bar Sliders, Trail Bar Stuffed Dried Fruit, Trail Bar Biscotti

Turn your trail bar into an exciting meal with these 3 easy recipes.

The Biscotti pairs nicely with a hot beverage, I used a Jetboil to make a refreshing cup of trail tea!

Course: Snacks
Cuisine: Stoveless
Servings: 1 Person
Trail Bar Slider
  • 1 Trail Bar
  • 4 slices Salami
  • 2 slices Cheese
Dried Fruit Stuffed with Trail Bar
  • 1/2 Trail Bar
  • 10 pieces Dried Apricot (can also use peach, plumb, apple, fig, date)
  • 1/8 cup Coconut Chips
Trail Bar Biscotti
  • 1 Trail Bar
  • 1 single serving pack Justin's Hazelnut Butter
Trail Bar Slider
  1. Slice Trail Bar lengthwise (like a hot dog bun). Open Trail Bar and insert cheese and salami. Fold Trail Bar bun and mold to squeeze in meat and cheese. Devour!
Dried Fruit Stuffed with Trail Bar
  1. Slice Trail Bar into small pieces. Use a knife to make an incision in dried fruit, open fruit and stuff with trail bar, and coconut chips.
Trail Bar Biscotti
  1. Lather Justin's Hazelnut Butter on top of Tahoe Trail Bar. Enjoy with tea, coffee or your favorite hot beverage.

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  1. Kevin Wallner

    5 stars
    Dream meal! I’d prefer a Tahoe Trail Bar over a ClifBar any day. They’re so good!


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