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Welcome to Adventure Dining Guide

Are you tired of ‘settling’ for something to eat?  Enhance your wilderness experience with adventure friendly meals packed with trail nutrition.  Let Adventure Dining Guide be your go-to when it comes to meal planning!

What is Adventure Dining Guide?

Packing trail food is an art!  There are many things that are easy to forget, and plenty of factors to take into consideration; for example: pack size, stove performance, food longevity, critters…
Just because you’re roughing it doesn’t mean you have to suffer through an unappetizing meal!  Treat yourself with foods that you look forward to eating.  Adventure Dining Guide is here to make your next experience in the great outdoors unforgettably delicious!

Wilderness Diet

Spending time outdoors can take a toll on your body.  Eating nutritious meals will have a direct effect on your body’s performance.  If you’re eating junk food and hiking 20 miles a day, you will be missing out on key vitamins and nutrients that your tired body needs to support dexterity, mental clarity, and recovery.  At Adventure Dining Guide, we strive to find trail friendly meals that taste great and are made with real foods that you look forward to eating.

Share your recipe!

If you have a favorite wilderness recipe or a valuable recipe, please share with us!  If we like your recipe we will feature it on the site and share through social media.  And for recipes sent directly to you, sign up for the newsletter!

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